Welcome to the home page of Justin Garofoli. I’ve been posting stuff at this domain since 2005.

Bio: Let me know via email if you actually want a short bio here.

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What You Will Find Here

I’m keeping this site mostly as a record of my hobbies and activities. My interests and curiosities are recorded here. Some of the things you’ll find:


The idea that a blog is very long and complex search query for interesting people and stuff, Henrik’s idea, seems like a fine one to me. I’ll try it. So if anything you see here sounds interesting or you know something related, go ahead and send me an email. There’s a link right on the page, whichever page you happen to be on. Don’t be shy.

Lately I’ve been using the site as a public commonplace book; I write about things so I will remember them. I like Austin’s take on how to operate them: capture raw material in a buffer and add it later where it fits. You are welcome to look around. Feel free to contact me, I’d love to hear from you.

Also you will notice that there is no effort here to make this site into some kind of brand. Humans are more complex than a brand, and if I wanted this to be a brand, I’d make it into some special project. I was already thinking about making this sort of remark, after reading Odell’s book about ‘How to do nothing.’ And the inspiration was again reinforced by this post. So I’ve added the comment and commit to just being a messy old non-brand focused human here on this site.


You can contact me at justin@garofo.li. Note that this is a new email address, but most of the old ones still work.

You can also reach me at @justing@sciencemastodon.com on Mastodon, and jgaro.bsky.social on BlueSky.

  1. Ok, technically these are all Atom feeds

  2. I searched and found this rss to email service: FeedMail. I like their pay-for-what-you-use philosophy on pricing. I have no association with them.